Record, store and playback PCAP and proprietary RZCAP files. (Note: RZCAP is a proprietary command line utility that can record all the baseband packets of an ATSC 3.0 broadcast stream. Instructions for recording using an RZCAP can be found here.)

There are two methods of recording a PCAP:

  1. Select the down arrow under Capture to use the timer pre-sets.
  2. Press the Capture button to start recording for any length of time

Record PCAP

When a PCAP recording is complete, it is automatically stored in the native Windows folder called “My Videos”. At the end of a pre-set recording, a window is presented asking if you want to open the folder and view the PCAP.

PCAP Recording Complete

Recording Name

PCAP recordings are automatically named using these parameters.

Name of PC_RedZone Windows Receiver_Ch#_Date_Time.pcap

The file name can be changed.

PCAP files can be “dragged and dropped” onto TvXplorer and the file will start playing back automatically