Preview Streams


The Play button is one method of selecting a Service (TV channel) and opening it up for viewing. Select the down arrow under Play to open the list of Services, then select one and TvXplorer will automatically open the video window.

Play Menu

Play Menu Services Selection

Video Wall

The Video Wall displays the video thumbnails

Video Wall

Electronic Services Guide

The ESG can be opened on-screen. Use the ESG to see what is currently being broadcast in real-time, and what content is scheduled to be broadcast. The ESG is also searchable.

Electronic Service Guide

Closed Captions

Closed Captions is used to display placement, style and language of the ESG. Open the ESG and select the “Start Button” to show the video thumbnails with closed captioning.

Closed Captions Idle

Closed Captions Activated

Closed Captions Activated