Preferences is where you can edit, change or manage customized settings in TvXplorer. These settings are stored in the “Settings.ini” file under c:UsersyournameAppDataLocaltvxplorer. During a new installation, if you choose not to Save Settings, all previous customization is deleted.


Saved Report

Save Report stores a local copy of all TvXplorer properties and the PC configuration as a snap-shot in time. This is helpful to troubleshoot whether or not the PC is capable of processing the application and rendering the video on-screen. Save Report is stored locally on the PC as an HTML file extension, and it can be sent to for analysis at: support@admin

Save Report

Network Broadcast

Select Network Broadcast to enable TvXplorer to “listen” on the local network for ATSC 3.0 broadcast television traffic. The icon is open by default, but when selected it will close – indicating that TvXplorer is now capable of listening for ATSC 3.0 packets.

Network Broadcast


Replay is only active when playing back a PCAP or RZCAP file. (NOTE: RZCAP is a proprietary RedZone Receiver capture utility that is bundled with TvXplorer and the SDK. For more information see RZCAP Utility).

Replay Button

To open a PCAP file, select the small down arrow under Tune, select File and navigate to a PCAP or RZCAP.